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HOG FIT (Unlimited,Online Only)
With this program you will be recieving daily workouts from 2 different programs!

1.)HOG FIT-This program will include workouts similar to our In-House training .I will definitely not be holding back with this one. Every day you will have a STRENGTH and CONDITIONING part for this program. This is a HYBRID STYLE Template featuring both ISOLATED and COMPOUND movements(Body building) with a combination of HIGH INTENSITY FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS. The Strength part will target different body parts daily (Ex. Chest day, Leg Day, Back day, Arm day....etc).With the  Conditioning You will see everything from Olympic lifts, Rope climbing, Air bikes, Rowers, Sleds, Kettle bells, GHDs, Sand bags, Muscle Ups..... etc. HOG FIT is focused on getting  you Stronger and faster while pushing you to your limit (if you're looking for a challenge this is definitely for you)

*Technique and form is a must to maintain safe and efficient movements. If you are unfamiliar with movements I HIGHLY advise you to seek help from an experienced person.
(These movements are done at your own risk and we are not liable for any injuries)

2.)HOT MESS- It basically explains itself! this program is ment to make you SWEAT. Lots of Conditioning, Core work and lighter weights(Dumbbells, jump rope, slam balls..... etc. with lots of body weight movements) This program can be done from home with minimum equipment or you're local gym.This Part has more of an emphasis on shedding fat while toning you up!You can even add this after doing the HOG FIT program for that extra credit!!Feel free to add the strength part from the HOG FIT  to this if you're looking for some heavy lifting and a good sweat after.

*Once you download the app, you will be able to see the workouts for both programs.
choose what best works for you or mix them up from time to time!

Have fun with it and keep it safe!!
Coach Daniel.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: HOG FIT, Strength and conditioning (Online only), HOT MESS, No Gym Needed (Online only)
LocationsHouse of Gainz Gym